Welcome to Ranfor. We are committed to bring the power of analytics on handheld devices. We specialize in next generation BI which focuses on helping businesses making decisions on the go.

Ranfor brings you the ultimate app PULSE, which promises to change the political landscape on Soical Media for Indian Leaders. To have a quick look at the popularity of leaders, Visit here.
First time ever, Ranfor has produced an application which is powering smart phones to do data crunching tasks with help of machine learning algorithms. It is worth mentioning that these functions were limited to high end servers and distributed computing clusters.

We believe that large scale computing should not be limited to high end machines and devices. Data mining and analysis is a domain which should not be available to a select few only.

Companies who can take informed decisions are the companies likely to do well in current scenario. In today’s world everyone has data, and everyone is clueless about it at the same time.

Our attempt is to enable you, to understand the data and take informed decisions. Our apps are user friendly and they provide valuable insights.

We are championing the cause of bringing data mining on small devices, which we also call RDC - Ranfor Device Computing.

First time ever, we have brought the power of Sentiment Analysis, right to your palm. Yes, a truly scalable product, an app for performing sentiment analysis is available to you for FREE! Download Sensis the free app for sentiment analysis, highly usable across various industry domains.

Why us?

  • We have a committed, experience and professional team, which has long experience in development of mobile applications.
  • We have the experience in understanding and addressing the need of data processing and data mining.
  • Our professionals have wide experience in consulting and supporting big businesses, from retail chains to big banks.
  • We are evolving and ready to accept your suggestions and feedbacks to server you better.
  • We have experience in Big Data, Java, J2EE, Hadoop, Machine Learning and all kinds enterprise applications.
  • Our visualization experts have ample experience of presenting the results in a manner which is easily understandable by business. This is evident in the reports integrated with our applications.



Our products are bringing the power of large scale processing on handheld devices. These are suited to large number of industries.We are committed to bring the data science to everyone.



Ranfor provides a range of services ranging from supporting their flagship products to development of customized apps for bespoke needs. Our passion is to help our esteemed customers in every possible way,so that they succeed.

Featured Products

Pulse - The unique application which demonstrates the popularity of Indian Leaders on Social Media. This FREE product combines the power of sentiment analysis on social media about a leader. This is the latest app from the stable of Ranfor Consulting.
Sensis - This application brings the power of sentiment analysis on the go. With the help of this tool, you can have insights on your text data. First time ever, a tool, which mines meaning from text. Download Sensis for FREE.
Sensis can be used in analyzing customer feedback -for a wide range of industries, BPO, Call Centres, KPO, Tourism etc.

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