About us

What we are

Welcome to Ranfor. We are a consulting company which specializes in consulting of Big Data and Data Science and mobile applications. We are leading, next generation company with strong focus on cutting edge open source technologies which define and solve business problems.

Our Vision and Mission

“Availability of technology to Business”. We are continuously trying to bridge the gap between technology and business. Precisely, sounds untrue, but this is a key problem when it comes to technologies available in Big Data and Data Science space. Often people ask, What Big data can do for my business. This is an excellent question which begs to be answered. We therefore at Ranfor are working on this idea and trying to make availability of technology. Result: The apps, such as Sensis is a unique product which is helping out diverse businesses.

Our difference

Our mission makes us a different company. We are working tirelessly to enable concepts such as Machine Learning, Sentiment analysis available and usable to everyone. Today, a person not having a laptop/ desktop can analyze considerable amount of data in no time and use the feedback. Furthermore, our highly useful apps are available as a freeware and we only ask for a small fee when they have been used for a considerable period of time. In addition to these useful applications, we also provide services to suit bespoke needs, such as custom app development (mobile and desktop), big data consulting, etc.

Our Team

Ranfor has the best talents in industry, who are motivated and understand the technology and business well. We believe that ultimate technology is that which helps the clients do their businesses effectively and efficiently.

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