Sensis reviews Hotel rating

Lots of people across the globe use facilities of a hotel every year. With the advent of internet and smart devices, capturing reviews is just a click away. While a numerical value of reviews is most helpful, many a times, the reviews are available in form of free text. It becomes important to analyze the sentiments available in free form and draw inferences. While there are many statistical methods available to analyze/ mine quantitative data, it has been always a challenge to analyze sentiments.

Find the whole review here.

The data has been sourced from here which has been accessed on 21 Dec, 2013. From this archive, the data from file “hotel_98728.dat” has been fed to Sensis and the results are analyzed. Sensis Usage Guide 

The results obtained were divided into 3 categories as following. 

Positive: 39 
Neutral: 2 
Negative: 8 

About 80% of reviews are said to be Positive, which is a good number for Hotel Galleria, Dallas. Google reviews provide a rating of 4.2 based on 127 reviews.

Based on the results available from Google and comparing to the results available by Sensis, it appears that sentiment analysis can be used to draw inferences where qualitative data is not available. As the textual data is available across many industries and functions, Sensis can be used for various purposes, such as analyzing feedback for call centres, analyzing customer feedback for software services.

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