The Battle of Titans - Lok Sabha 2014

Varanasi - The mother of all battles


As the Lok Sabha polls are nearing, there appears a distinct opportunity of a great tussle between two of the most influential leaders on Social media, at Varanasi.

The following social media report closely analyzes the influence of these leaders.



Geographic distribution of followers


Distribution of sentiments



Terms connecting our Leaders

Pulse can provide the information on the topics and issues which are most relevant to the leaders. Our data says that recently the terms ‘gujarat’, ‘development’ and ‘kanpur’ were most talked out terms for Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. While these sound very obvious, pulse has the capability to unearth hidden factors, which may be targeted to improve the effectiveness.



Consistency of Leaders on Social Media

Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal are the most consistent leaders on Social Media. While Arvind Kejriwal was leading the roost in the month of December (quite understandably), Narendra Modi has definitely become stronger in January. On third place, Rahul Gandhi is following these leaders.


Follower’s trend for our leaders


Until last year, some of the Indian political leaders had minimal or no presence on social media. This year has seen remarkable (sometimes dramatic) change in the activities for some leaders on social media. For example, Mamata Banerjee is making her presence felt while she had little presence on Social Platforms last year.

Similarly, we see Omar Abdullah throwing impressive numbers, but his popularity is staying flat. While almost all leaders have shown upward movement, his Ranfor Score is not increasing.

Trend of followers (shown on logarithmic scale)


How organic is their growth

All the above factors indicate that our leaders are not oblivious of social media’s importance, rather they are practicing it proactively.  Research also suggests that while some leaders are consistent in their rankings, some do not and the fluctuations in their ranking is not organic. This suggests that our leaders are Social media savvy and they are getting themselves promoted on social media.Following graph depicts the organic reach. This means that diversification of social media presence of our Leaders.


Data also suggests that while the promotional activities are helping the leaders to gain ground, but this is not helping them in the long run. The approach taken is to create lots of flutter, which subsides as soon as the activities go down. This can be loosely compared to taking asteroids while fighting a condition. As soon as the drug is withdrawn, the patient is back to previous state.

What our leaders need is to create a holistic internet profile and generate awareness through organic means. While they seem to have lost this opportunity as a good online image building exercise should have started an year ago ideally, but it is never too late. As there is no leader, save for the top three, who enjoy some healthy organic factors working for them, there is basically very minimal that has been done by others towards building image on social media circuit.




The Ranfor Score is an indicator of popularity of Indian Leaders and it takes into account of various factors. Currently, this score suggests that Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are way ahead of other leaders, and going by the recent media reports, if a contest between these two happens, then we can safely conclude that this will be an interesting one, based on social media score (Ranfor Score).

If these leaders continue with similar efforts, then above graphs will show the standing of the leaders, but there is enough room for improvement for all other leaders, as shown by Mamata Banerjee and Sushma Swaraj.

Also, our leaders have lot of distance to go, for example, Barack Obama, president of United States of America has a following of 4.2 crore (42 million) and enjoys a Ranfor Score of 89.

Indian politics has been always exciting. we are waiting patiently to see, if social media can predict the future? If the battle of Titans does happen at Lord Shiva’s abode, Who will emerge as a winner? Can social media predict this? Only time will tell.

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