RDC - Ranfor device computing is bringing the power of data mining to handheld devices. Our enterprise grade apps are enabling smartphone users to perform high end analytics computing which was only available to distributed clusters and high end servers. Our innovative technology brings the best of algorithms to perform analytics tasks on the go.

Pulse USA


Pulse - The platform to find out the impact of our ...


Sensis, the flagship application of RDC, harnesses the power of machine learning & data mining on mobile devices. This is a Free mobile application, which analyzes sentiments on the ...

Pulse Delhi

Pulse Delhi is a unique platform, which provides a unified ...

Features of Sensis


Flexible, supports a number of formats.

High volume processing, Pro version provides more data processing capability.

Fully customizable.

Useful to all industries.
Multiple reports which makes it more intuitive, results are shown in highly useful format.

Free (Pro version has more processing capabilities. Drop us a line if you want to buy Sensis(Pro)

Custom product development

Data science solutions - on small devices, such as Android.

Predictive analytics - unlocks the questions (not answers) which businesses need from Big Data.

Android development for Analytics. We specialize in Device computing.

Development of RDC apps for windows, unix, distributed computing.

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