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Pulse - The platform to find out the impact of our leaders on social media. Pulse is the only intelligence engine, available for everyone which analyses various parameters of leaders on social media and provides a single view. For a quick look of today's scores, visit here.


Pulse is powered by Sensis. Sensis a revolutionary tool, which excels in sentiment analysis and mines meaning from textual data, be it feedback, be it comment and so on.





To know more about Sensis, click here. There are various use cases available for Sensis.


Using the insights provided by Sensis, researchers at Ranfor have created a social media score which is popularly known as Ranfor Score. This score combines the information provided by Sensis with various social parameters. The end product is a very good indicator of ones popularity on social platforms.


Ranfor score is the true measure of importance of an entity,and for pulse, it provides a snapshot of Indian leaders. This index is carefully devised, and is backed by strong research. This score takes into consideration various factors such as how many people are influenced by you, and how many of them are writing good or bad things about you.


In a way, this is a revolutionary score, and for the first time, the social media impact is represented as a score.  Gone are the days when we used to say, that Mr X is very active on social media but there are very few people who agree with him.


Now we have the Ranfor score which says that Mr X’s score is better than Mr. Y’s score. This brings objectivity in the space of social media, which was lacking earlier.

Salient Features

  • Free application. - Available to everyone. This is the first ever application which provides a single view of popularity of Indian leaders and political parties.


    Easy to use. No inputs are required. Nothing to configure. Just install and start seeing the Ranfor Score of political figures.


    The Ranfor Score is not just a measure of volume, rather it is designed carefully to provide a holistic view. It also looks that someone’s popularity is genuine or there is a deliberate attempt to inflate the popularity. This score takes into account if there are important users who like someone, or there are people who are just writing junk about them.


    The most important feature is that Pulse mines sentiment of whatever is written about a person. So if you are a talked about personality but mostly it is negative, then Ranfor Score will not like you. This is a unique and important feature, which is missing from all other social media analytics tools.

    Pulse brings the power of sentiment analysis on social media which is powered by Sensis. We call it intelligence at your fingertips.

Other Details

Product TypeStandard
Product Version1.0.0
Operating SystemAndroid Gingerbread 2.3 and higher
Mobile phone All Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Spice, are capable of running Sensis having 256 MB of memory
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