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Sensis, the flagship application of RDC, harnesses the power of machine learning and data mining on mobile devices. This is a Free mobile application, which analyzes sentiments on the device.


Sensis combines the power of machine learning and data mining. Powered by a unique and scalable algorithm, this highly useful app brings sentiment analysis on mobiles.


In the past, these algorithms were thought of running on large machines with incredible power. Businesses needs answer quickly and close, and Sensis helps in these areas. Sensis performs sentiment analysis on huge volumes of data on small devices and tablets.


As in machine learning, the application is designed to learn itself. So after every run, the program is armed with the new found intelligence and uses this subsequently, so the results become more accurate overtime.


Features of Sensis PRO

Unlimited usage - There is no limit on number of times you can use Sensis.
Processes big files - Sensis can process big files upto 20 MB. Unlike the free version, which has a limitation of file size only upto 5 MB.
Advanced Reporting is available which is unavailable on free version. The report helps understand the performance of a particular actor/ attribute/ variable. (Over a period)
Proactive support - A unique feature in this app lets us know when you face any problem while using Sensis. This helps to identify problems and rollout improvements and patches to you. 


Salient Features

  • Free application. - Available to everyone.

    Self learning algorithm, uses concepts of Machine learning.

    Easy to use.

    Flexibility to support data of different structure.

    Applicable in a variety of contexts:

    Analyzing customer feedback -for a wide range of industries, BPO, Call Centres, KPO, Tourism etc.

    Doing product evaluation. What are the products who have generated favorable feedback?

    Analyzing data related to tourism/ travel. E.g.( out of a number of places, which is most sought after, or based on a number of facilities, which one is good and which one is bad.) Sentiment analysis for healthcare. In recruitment – screening candidates’ responses. Analyzing Surveys’ responses. For manufacturing processes. Customer feedback can be analyzed to understand the effectiveness of processing units. Analyzing Medical trials. The responses can be analyzed on various factors such as geography, ethnic groups.

Other Details

Product TypeStandard
Product Version1.0.0.0
Operating SystemAndroid Gingerbread 2.3 and higher
Mobile phone All Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Spice, are capable of running Sensis having 256 MB of memory
Applicable industries Travel, Healthcare, Recruitment, Medicine trials, Survey, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and many more.
Sensis PRO Unlimited number of usage, file limit of 20 MB, More reporting features.
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